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Consulting Memberships Tailored for Progress.

How our strategy consulting works

Subscribe to a plan & request as much help as you'd like. Pause or cancel anytime.

Collaborate with specialists to tackle strategic challenges and explore visual ideas.

Delegate design and development requests to our team of creative experts.

Moments of WOW!

Elizabeth is more than a "Strategic MacGyver". Working with her, and alongside her, has made me a better marketer, a better businessman, and a better student of the human condition.

-Chris B. 

  I just finished a session with Maddie and I have to tell you—I just love this team. She removed obstacles that were in my way and reminded me of what was true. I was so grateful for her encouragement.

- Kelli G. 

Can't say enough good things about Tandem with their team. They have helped take our brand over the past couple years from your basic Husband and Wife team, to a seven figure a year business. 

- Dr. Brian

With Team Tandem, you gain more than a consultant;

you gain a partner committed to your success.

Co-Lab Sessions

Meet 1:1 with any of our coaches based on your current needs.

Unlimited Delegation

Add as many requests to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one.

One Workspace

Review session notes, homework, delegated requests, and files all in one place.


Our Coaches

Our memberships gives you access to our entire coaching team, giving you the power to work with the expert you need.

Recognized globally with a Top 100 Leaders in Marketing Award from MarSum and multiple MVP awards for her Leadership Development Work, Elizabeth embodies a leadership style that inspires and motivates. The results of her unique approach continually proves that transformative results are achieved through creativity and strategic foresight.

Elizabeth Mead

Growth Specialist & Fractional CMO

Maddie Adams-Terry is a distinguished Brand Strategist and User Experience Expert with a profound ability to meld creativity with strategic insight. Her approach is grounded in a philosophy that combines brilliance and honesty, ensuring that every project not only resonates with audiences but also reflects the true essence of the brand.

Maddie Adams-Terry

Brand Specialist & Fractional CMO

Passionate about recognizing and nurturing individual growth, Chris specializes in transforming underperforming organizations into industry leaders by focusing on strategic team culture and the ultimate customer experience. His approach underscores the importance of valuing people, fostering growth, and always seeking to learn and improve.

Chris Mead