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We think most teams aim for a job well done. For us, we feel the most successful when we see a client achieve a goal that gets them closer to their long-term vision. It seems our clients really become a part of our Tandem family. There is a tangible community quality to the deep relationships we have with every person on our "roster". 


It's an amazing day when we receive a love letter from someone in our community, like the ones below. 

Working with the team at Tandem Collaborative has been the difference-maker for me. From the very first meeting, they have engaged with curiosity, authenticity and competence. They have been responsive, encouraging, and have gently pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am a faith-based nonprofit start up and I have a very limited budget. Every dollar I have spent with Tandem has been worth it. From the accountability to keep moving forward, to the tangible support around marketing, strategy and branding, to the intangible benefit of feeling like I have my own personal team who ‘gets’ me and why I do what I do, I cannot recommend them highly enough. The team at Tandem has a share in every woman I impact, every success story, every win. I would never do this without them!


Kelli Gotthardt

DeepWell Sustainable Leadership 

I have worked with Elizabeth Mead and her team at Tandem Collaborative for the last three years and it has been a amazing ride.  As a psychotherapist, I was basically a ‘technology dummy’ and, over the course of three years, Elizabeth has created for me a beautiful, multifunctional website, as well as, filming, editing and launching three of my professional on-demand webinars.  Elizabeth and her team have transformed my career as a psychotherapist to include teaching and mentoring other mental health practitioners online. The Tandem team’s knowledge and creativity regarding marketing and professional development has not only been helpful it has been inspiring. And, with the help of Tandem Collaborative, my practice was well positioned to immediately meet the needs of my clients using teletherapy during this unexpected and challenging time with the Coronavirus.  Surprisingly, I have gone from a ‘technology newbie’ to an experienced technology savvy practitioner.  I highly recommend ( I already have to my fellow colleagues) Tandem Journey Collaborative for your technological, marketing and professional development needs!

Carolyn Settle

Carolyn Settle Training Center

Elizabeth, your team is JOY. ​Every single interaction I have with one of your team members, the theme that resonates deeply is service with JOY.  I value how you have trained them to see the client as human first - I have never felt dumb or less than - even though I absolutely know way less about technology and online stuff as they do.  There are always gentle smiles on the screen, calm voices in my ear, a readiness to serve in any way possible. You and your hubby have modeled that from the top down.  Your team resonates family and commitment as well.  It feels like I am talking to one of your family members every time. It is so exciting to see the e-courses so close to publication.  Thank you for your diligence and endurance over these years as you have served Klemmer, KCA, PODs, e-courses, and all of our online classes.  

Jenny Price


Can't say enough good things about Tandem with their team. They have helped take our brand over the past couple years from your basic Husband and Wife team, to a seven figure a year business. Day to day business is one thing however growth is always how we tend to measure success. Strategy on the other hand, is a whole other mindset as to how we achieve that growth. Tandem will help you plot a specific path to success and they will partner with you at the level you want their help. They are a company with Heart and are there in the trenches with you each and every day. As a small business owner we think we have to do it all - even the things we aren't the best at. They fill that gap and allow peace-of-mind knowing you are in good hands. Simply put - use their experience to plan your success.​

Dr. Brian Hester

Back to Health of Anthem

Team Tandem will help take your business to the next level and they'll help you understand what that next level can be. Having a clear direction of success in your business is super important and the tandem team will help you get there. Our experience with them was outstanding. They helped us to understand our culture, our brand, our strengths, our opportunities for growth and most importantly, they helped put together a road map for execution and follow-up. Having uninterrupted time to think about, strategize and plan our future was so much fun and so worth every minute. I'm super excited about what the future holds in store and I'm glad that Tandem is on our team!

Dr. Dane Donohue

8 Weeks to Wellness®
Wellness Solution Centers

We joined Tandem Collaborative for a 3 day Power Session focused on creating clarity within our organizational structure and strategies for future growth. However, we achieved so much more. Elizabeth, Chris, and the team at Tandem bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the construct of successful collaborative structure. Through a careful balance of support, strategy, and accountability, our team was able to clarify our vision, rethink our structure, and chisel out checkpoints for goals ranging from 2 weeks to 10 years into the future. Tandem Collaborative has been a huge asset to the growth of our company, and we look forward to working with them well into the future.

Jill Donohue

8 Weeks to Wellness®
Wellness Solution Centers

I love these guys! They have amazing strategic marketing brains that see the whole picture at once. They do not provide "one-size-fits-all" advice, rather tailored advice that fit my individual idea and goals. Good people with a great business!

Dirk Haupt

Professor Quick

They are amazingly innovative and are incredible at listening to your needs and finding the best approach to get you to the next level and beyond.

Chris McCracken

Real Estate Agent

Elizabeth is guided by principles. This is what makes her so powerfully consistent in the outcomes that she produces. She is authentic in her approach and is a leader that is willing to jump down into the trenches when others feel themselves above it. She's never afraid to acknowledge her own opportunity for growth and those with whom she works, love her for that. I especially enjoy approaching Elizabeth with new business ideas. Her continuous ability to map out, and then refine the complexity of concept into a simple and articulate message is enviable, and on top of it all, she makes the entire process feel like fun! I've had the pleasure of collaborating with her for over a year now on a handful of projects and as long as she has the bandwidth, I'll never go anywhere else!

Jared McClure

Venture Capitalist

Elizabeth is more than a "Strategic MacGyver". For some, she is a sales genius. For some, she is a marketing and advertising master. For others, she is a business mentor. For me, she is a unique and rare gem - priceless in her ability to understand how humans translate their wants and desires into needs, and ultimately, purchases. Working with her, and alongside her, has made me a better marketer, a better businessman, and a better student of the human condition.

Chris Brown

Marketing Expert

Elizabeth's "Strategic MacGyver" title is absolutely spot-on. The depth and breadth of her knowledge of marketing strategies, coupled with her ability to apply them with laser-like precision, made working along side her (as a creative) both effortless and a joy. And her positive attitude, dependability and tireless work ethic made her the perfect "partner in crime" day in and day out. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more skilled strategist, but more importantly, a better human being.

Nick Zink

The StudioC

Over the years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of innovative marketing leaders around the nation, but no one has impressed me more than Elizabeth. She has the unique ability to draw on her many years of marketing experience while also considering the latest trends and techniques. I very much enjoyed the opportunity I had to work with Elizabeth, and hope to team up on another project soon.

Ryan Dornor

Sales Expert

Elizabeth has great vision and ability to build effective marketing strategies and then to implement tactics to best execute and succeed. She brings knowledge that spans from broadcast to digital, social to on site activation. She is great at developing plans as well as teams with a common vision. Not only is she an asset to any company or brand, she is a delight to be around. With her cheery disposition, you never can tell if/when she is under pressure or just having a bad day!

Liz Walker

iHeart Media

Working with Elizabeth during our Company's re-branding and website rehabilitation process was a great experience that produced outstanding results. Her guidance throughout the process along with her expertise and comprehensive knowledge of her profession gave us the confidence throughout the process that we were in good hands. The value of her efforts have contributed greatly to our Company's growth and success.

KC Brandon

Dibble CM
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