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Unlock Your Business's Potential with our


Our strategic evaluation sessions are designed to empower you with invaluable insights into the heart of your business strategy.

Group Workshop

Foundational Scorecard

Join us for a LIVE community workshop where you and up to 6 other organizations will be guided through our Strategic Evaluation Score Card process.

This virtual session packs in the most critical foundations for measuring, monitoring and modifying your strategy. 

1/2 Day Virtual Workshop

We allow up to 15 teams to join in, giving you the additional opportunity to learn from each other. 

Share Space with Others

This is not a lecture. You will be learning and applying simultaneously.

Hands-On, Do-Level Learning

Upcoming Workshops:

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Comprehensive Strategy Evaluation

Dig even deeper with our 1:1 evaluation process where Team Tandem and your team take a 360 look at your current strategy. 

90-Minute Kickoff Session & Foundations Discussion

We'll meet 1:1 with your organization to kickoff this deep dive. 

Comprehensive Assessment & Competitive Research

Our team will conduct research and scoring on your behalf.  

90-Minute Findings & Recommendations Discussion

We'll meet again to go over findings and recommendations. 

Upcoming 1:1 Sessions:

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