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We are so excited that we have a mutual friend in Jonathan Roe! Knowing that he works with world-changers on a mission, we are looking forward to meeting you. Until then, let us digitally introduce ourselves. We are Tandem Collaborative (aka Team Tandem) - a strategic consultancy with a full service creative team (if you need one). This simply means we focus on equipping you with the strategy and planning FIRST. Then we stick around if you need support in carrying out that plan. 


Our mission is to catalyze the vision of visionaries; helping our clients take one strategic step at a time toward their vision. 

Jonathan has set up special pricing for you, including: 

  • $500 off our Strategy Snapshot Evaluation (normally $995)

  • 10% discount on any service or event

Strategy without tactics is the slowest

Text "Venture" to

(623) 323-7573 start a conversation with Team Tandem


Here's a collection of re-watches and downloads that were handcrafted for the Venture 1:9 community!

Venture 19 Resources

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If you could ask one of the top strategic teams in the nation a question, what would it be?

  • Do you recommend using Rumble in addition to (or instead of) YouTube for our video content?
    Whew! Answering this feels a bit like stepping into a political debate....but here's our take. Rumble and YouTube are JUST TOOLS. Rumble's point of view is giving their users the "best video player on the market" and creating a space for EVERYONE to play. This, of course, is in response to YouTube (and others) censoring content. Many feel like Rumble gives conservatives a safer place to play than YouTube. That said....who is your target market and which of these tools are they on? With Rumble being so may have an opportunity to introduce your market to it by using a parallel strategy (using both) and weaning them over to Rumble.
  • What about using different platforms to reach different generations?
    Yes! When you know your target audience (and there is likely more than one) ...and you follow the strategy if knowing where THEY like will likely have more than one tool to consider for your strategy.
  • I find that my Instagram posts with a photo of people do better than the ones that have a created graphic. Is this specific to my org. or is there research to support this/do you find the same thing applies to many orgs.?
    Instagram is meant to be a window into your lifestyle. People want to take a peek at your authentic reality. That could be your company culture or your personal way of implementing your POV into every life, etc. On average, a candid photo (not to be confused with the recent trend of Plandid) will receive 156% MORE engagement and 320% MORE commenting than graphics. So, it's not just you ;-)
  • What are you using to manage your social?
    We use Fanbooster by Traject. In fact, we gift an account to all of our clients (who need one). Other great ones on the market are Sendible, Loomly, and Sproutsocial. Like all tools, start with the strategy you need to support...then compare it to the features of the tool to make sure it works FOR YOU.
  • What are your company’s mission and core values?
    Mission To inspire, grow, and cultivate brilliance in all those that ride with us. We work with go-getters. Core Values Team Tandem: We partner with talented people that bring passion, joy and excellence to everything they do; We impact our client with inspiration that moves them forward, day by day, step by step, win by win. Relationships: We Pride ourselves on listening and digging deeper to uncover the true heart behind our client’s goals. Every connection is different. Every path to success is forged with the client’s heart in mind. Teamwork: We believe in open communication to work together and break boundaries. We create a win-win-win. Citizenship: We are good citizens in this world. Always looking to improve the mood, space, and life of all it’s inhabitants. Personal Accountability: We make mistakes. We own our mistakes. We move forward…never backward.
  • What is your strategic process for branding?
    For branding, we gave you our napkin sketch of the whole process (see the section above on Branding Approach). This is the framework to our process. That said, we know that branding can be a complex and comprehensive experience. We will allow the process to unfold naturally, as your team engages with us and the opportunities we provide.
  • How would you define branding?
    Branding is the collective expression of your promise and mission. It is expressed through various means such as visual (identity components), communication (messaging), context (overall vibe) and experience (how all those things are leveraged together in various mediums).
  • Who are some of your previous clients?
    We’ve given you a small preview in our scrapbook. Many of our clients have requested we abide by an NDA. Here are the categories of clients we’ve served: A/E/C Automotive Beauty (Wholesale & Retail) Cancer Non-Profit (Fundraising) Chiropractic Churches & Ministries Coaches (Life and Business) Counseling & Psychotherapy Hospitality Financial (Mobile Crypto Payments App; Day Trading AI) Firearms (Retailer) Local Government & School Districts Chain and/or Franchised Restaurants Major League Baseball Medical Book Publishing Mindfulness Multi-Family Housing Development Online EMDR Training Center Political Financial Compliance Restaurants (Local; Franchise) Sports Equipment (Wholesale & Retail) Shipping & Export (Domestic & International) Wellness Centers We guide clients to their best tactical strategies to build 7-figure revenues. From start-ups looking for their best launch option, to established businesses’ looking to break stagnation, our strategies have guided hundreds of organizations in 4 different countries (and counting).
  • How do you measure success?
    Because we start every engagement with understanding the big picture vision, we are able to identify and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will serve us throughout the journey. These KPIs are established during the results & recommendations stage of the project and then stewarded by our 3M process. The 3M process is a routine that allows us to measure, modify and manage the expectations we’ve set together.
  • Do you have a preference of FB Live or putting videos together?
    As a human, I like putting them together...because we can cut out all the embarrassing bloopers. Statistically, LIVE videos get more interest and attention than pre-recorded. That said, when doing a live, I recommend following a formula. We have one that we give to clients based on their goals/purpose of going live. I'll talk to the team and see if that is something we could put in the resource center.

   Stay connected!   

Venture 1:9 continues to sew in valuable information, resources and events so make sure you stay tuned in!

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