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We are so excited that we have a mutual friend in Jonathan Roe! Knowing that he works with world-changers on a mission, we are looking forward to meeting you. Until then, let us digitally introduce ourselves. We are Tandem Collaborative (aka Team Tandem) - a strategic consultancy with a full service creative team (if you need one). This simply means we focus on equipping you with the strategy and planning FIRST. Then we stick around if you need support in carrying out that plan. 


Our mission is to catalyze the vision of visionaries; helping our clients take one strategic step at a time toward their vision. 

Jonathan has set up special pricing for you, including: 

  • $500 off our Strategy Snapshot Evaluation (normally $995)

  • 10% discount on any service or event

Strategy without tactics is the slowest

Text "Venture" to

(623) 323-7573 start a conversation with Team Tandem


Here's a collection of re-watches and downloads that were handcrafted for the Venture 1:9 community!

Venture 19 Resources

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If you could ask one of the top strategic teams in the nation a question, what would it be?

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Venture 1:9 continues to sew in valuable information, resources and events so make sure you stay tuned in!

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