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A Microlearning Series by Team Tandem

Prepare to Cringe!

Welcome to the Cringe Series, where we dive into the hilarious and sometimes painful world of business blunders. We’re here to expose the strategies that look good on paper but leave you stuck in neutral.

Why Cringe

Because it’s time to laugh at our mistakes and learn from them! Cringe-worthy tactics lack substance and clarity, leading to epic fails. We're here to highlight these missteps and steer you toward success.

Spotting Cringe-Worthy Tactics!

In the world of business, we’ve all witnessed those moments that make us cringe—strategies that seem brilliant in theory but flop in practice. Welcome to the Cringe Series, where we take a playful yet insightful look at the common pitfalls in business strategy, design, and marketing.

Each week, we’ll dive into amusing yet frustrating scenarios like recycling old campaigns, the chaos of design by committee, and the misguided attempts to mimic big brands like Apple. We’ll identify why these tactics fail, share real-world examples, and provide you with smart, actionable steps to avoid these traps.

Consider this series your go-to guide for turning cringe-worthy moments into opportunities for growth and improvement. We’re here to shine a light on what doesn’t work and, more importantly, to show you how to get it right. With a mix of humor and practicality, we’ll help you confidently navigate the tricky waters of business strategy.

Sound good? Let''s go!


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