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450 million active users are waiting to meet you on Pinterest.

With a 35% increase year-over-year, Pinterest is the unsung digital marketing hero. Top influencer brands like Jenna Kutcher have invested BIG TIME in Pinterest-teaching products because it is worth the investment for organizations looking to cast a wider net.

Often mislabeled as "just another social media tool", Pinterest does WAY more than you might think. For example, it drives 33% MORE referral traffic than Facebook....and 200% MORE than Twitter. Pinterest plays a significant role in search engine marketing (SEM). If you haven't even considered it before, this is your nudge to take a real look at it.

In this 45-minute community event, we are going to UNPACK everything you need to know about Pinterest for your organization.

You'll leave with:

  • The top 8 things to know about Pinterest in 2023

  • A do-level strategy that you can apply right away to up your digital reach with Pinterest

  • An exclusive offer to our upcoming Pinterest Virtual Challenge

This is a hands-on workshop! So bring your top priorities to market and we'll show you how to use Pinterest to get traction.

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