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Introducing the Weekly Collaboration Report

Updated: Jul 21

Picture this: it's 9am. You're sitting at your desk with a fresh cup of Joe, already showered, meditated, and on your way to being caffeinated. You're finding the first intentional moment of the day to ease on your glasses and take a look at your inbox. An opportunity to highlight your business at the largest conference of the year comes across your desk. THIS. IS. PERFECT. The excitement of possibility courses through your veins as you start to craft an agenda for your next collaboration with Team Tandem around this event when suddenly you are roadblocked by the following questions:

Shoot! Do I even have any sessions left this month? Have I used up all my delegation hours? Wait a second... What have we been working on again?! We hear ya!

Monitoring your coaching membership alongside crafting and nurturing your business can feel like an extra task in your day. In our continuous effort to provide a comprehensive coaching experience, we are stoked to introduce a new feature to our coaching packages beginning August 2023.

(This snapshot from the report shows how many sessions and delegation hours are used from a premium plan.)

We're calling it "The Collaboration Report".

These reports will come in weekly installations to keep you on the pulse of your package.

While primarily highlighting session and delegation hour metrics, this report will now include an Insights section, offering clients a quick snapshot of our Team Tandem's top four focuses based on their current progress in projects and strategy.

This approach allows you to modify and retarget your goals, ensuring their coaching journey remains effective and in alignment with your highest needs.

As always, the tools we introduce into our coaching relationships are designed to create transparency, clear communication, and above all, a thriving collaborative relationship. As the first few weeks of these reports hit your mailbox, we would love to hear your feedback to streamline or further diversify the report.

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