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Unlocking $34k: How a Client Achieved Success in 90-Minute Sessions

The Power of Sessions. The Power of YOU

At the beginning of our client relationships, we prioritize establishing clear and measurable goals. We believe that setting tangible objectives helps ensure that our sessions are focused, efficient, and productive. We work with our clients to extract authentic goals that are aligned with their vision and values, and that will truly drive growth and movement. By doing so, we can create a roadmap that guides our sessions and helps our clients achieve the goals they set the intention to achieve.

The Challenge

  • Limited Budget

  • No Social

  • No Paid Ads

  • Get National Approval

  • And distribution of CE's

  • Distribute speaker's materials proactively

  • Not sure about wifi for event check-in/ need a contingency plan

The Method

Our 90-Minute "done-with-you" sessions.

This client leveraged 3 of these sessions to build:

  • A Web Strategy

  • A Ticketing System

  • Applications for accreditation

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Event management strategy

  • Post-event organization to distribute CE credits

What they thought:

"Thank you so much for helping us make this happen. The word had spread on its own to other organizations and even professors at the University of Utah were informing their students of this opportunity. People gathered and then acknowledged that it felt good to come together again in person. The presenter was beyond exceptional in every way, as a person, and with the workshop. The participants kept telling us how grateful they were to be a part of the workshop. It really was an experience. This workshop will have a ripple effect. It was so powerful and that energy will be taken out to others who need it, clinicians, and clients. Thank you for the critical part that you played in bringing this to fruition. We truly could not have done it without your help. And then you add your professional expertise and it becomes even better. Cindy and I both felt like you and your team really cared about our project. THANK YOU!"

Projects like this, friends, are why we do what we do. Whether you're feeling stuck, or you're ready to take bold action toward your goals, we invite you to sign up for your discovery chat to work together to unlock more.

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