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The Road Ahead | Tandem's 2023 Planning Results

Updated: Apr 25

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Our team recently wrapped up our 2023 planning.

Now...BEFORE you call us overachievers, let me admit that we haven't done our annual planning since before the pandemic. Yeah...two years. Go ahead and say it: "you're a slacker!"

Taking the time to plan for 2023 felt like we took a deep breath for the first time in two years, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the process of getting our vision in front of us again. While I appreciated finding out the hard way just how scrappy our team can be, I'm ecstatic to be in pro-active planning mode again!

There is so much the last two years have taught us about ourselves and this little agency we've created. Things that work. Things that for sure DO NOT work. We took all of that into account as we mapped out the coming months...and I'm excited to share the vision with you.

Here is a 30,000-foot view of what Tandem is growing into in 2023 (...starting now).

We are a Strategy Agency.

Our primary objective is to partner with entrepreneurs and teams to help solve problems creatively and strategically. We do this through training, mentoring, and consulting.

Our services are now based on sessions.

Creating a mastermind with our clients is how we get things done, and we noticed that our best work has come through power sessions. These sessions are now offered in different durations, such as 90-Minute Virtual Calls and Multi-Day In-Person Retreats.

Delegation is Built-In.

Each of our four membership plans allows our clients to delegate some of the work to us. Our goal is to lend a hand in peak times (without taking over).

Revised Services Created with a Heart for Legacy.

Our goal with every client is to create a framework that can be managed in-house when ready/desired. Many of our clients have had us identify, place and train Creative Coordinators and Marketing Directors on their behalf. This has led to incredible success for their organization and the individual who joined their team.

Now that you have a little taste of what's being offered, I invite you to dig deeper into one or more of the opportunities coming up.

Join us for our next "Tandem Talks" event.

This complimentary community session kicked off last month and is here to stay. These 45-minute virtual conversations are where we can gather to ponder strategy questions, mastermind challenges, and meet new people. Feel free to invite someone you want to refer to us, as this is a no-pressure, relationship-driven way for them to meet us.

Take a Peek at our Memberships.

If you are an active client, you will have the opportunity to grandfather your current rate and claim one of our enhanced models.

Browse our 1-Day Retreat Openings.

We've started to book into 2023! These 1-Day events are incredibly powerful for gaining momentum. PLUS, you get to come up to beautiful Prescott, AZ, where you will be surrounded by inspiration and positive energy. Lodging and some meals are included (and trust'll love it).

1-Day Retreats are great for:

  • Annual planning

  • Campaign planning

  • Getting un-stuck

  • Creating Brand strategies

  • Building new tools (we've seen websites go up in a day...true story)

  • Leadership brainstorms

  • Team Building

...And more!

We'd love to hear more about what you are up to and how your 2023 planning is shaping!

Blessings on the journey.

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